Custom Order Submissions 2020/2021

Happy Holidays!
I am excited to be offering my first ever round of Custom Orders!
Please read my process and notes below carefully before submitting a request for a custom order!  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me through my website, instagram, or facebook, but make sure to submit your actual request by email, to

I will be accepting requests for custom orders by E-MAIL to until December 31 at midnight. 
Please give me until January 5th to reply to your requests.  Depending on demand, I may not be able to take all requests.  I will be replying throughout the window, so get your request in early.

Custom orders will be made to ship by the end of February, 2021.

Please include any/all of the following information in your email!  Please be detailed!  It will help me a ton if we don't have to have a bunch of back and forth e-mails to nail down the details. :)

- Item Type and Quantity: Do you want a single mug?  A set of bowls?  Yours and Mine tumblers?  Tell me your wishes!
- Collection: I currently have three collections.
          Classic Cumulus Clay with glazed mountains and vibrant sky.
          Simple and elegant Distilled Collection, glazed with one colour all over.
          Earthy and Textured "Exposed" Collection, with bare clay mountains, and glazed sky and interior.
- Clay choice: Bright white, Speckled buff, Granite look.
- Glaze choices: This is very specific to the sky in particular!  Do you want a colour combo you've seen before?  Want me to try something new?  This selection is also very important if you're choosing items from the Distilled collection.
- Special Customizations: Some extra special, one-of-a-kind details I can customize for your order are:
          Particular mountains/ranges carved into your piece.
          Stamping on the handle - this could be names, dates, etc.  The handle is really the only suitable place for this, so space is limited!  Stamping may not be possible with some glaze choices for the Distilled collection, as some glazes would obscure the texture.
          New Sky colour or texture combo.
          Other - what ideas do you have?



Cost will be discussed (in Canadian Dollars) through e-mail, but please be aware that this will be an estimate only, and actual cost may vary slightly.  Please prepare for a bit of a buffer, as many of these projects and customizations will be things I haven't done before!  I will do my very best to stay as close as possible to the original quote.

Some items/orders/customizations will require a deposit, which will be non-refundable.  

Shipping charges are additional, and won't be discussed until the completion of the project.  Shipping costs vary, but as a reference, a 1kg box containing 1 large mug, 1 medium bowl, or 2 tumblers, is an average of $20CAD within North America. Larger/Heavier shipments can be much more expensive than this. 

I think I got everything!  I'm so excited to see what you come up with and play with some new projects! Talk to you soon!