My name is Sonja, and I am the hands and mind behind Cumulus Clay.  I first got muddy in October 2016 when my partner signed us up for a wheel throwing class for date night.  That night I didn't make anything but a mess, but I knew I was hooked.


Throughout the years I have tried many different artistic endeavours - drawing and painting, beading, leather work, printmaking, and even quilting. I enjoyed each form in its own right, but Ceramics quickly showed me that it can completely engross my creative brain as well as my body, bringing me into another world when I'm at any stage of the process.  

I quickly developed my mountain landscape design, which is heavily influenced by my hometown of Invermere, B.C and my deep love for the solid beauty of the mountains.  The mountains have always been home to me, and throughout my time travelling and living abroad, I missed their grounding presence as much as my family and friends.  I hope to pay tribute to those mountains in my work, and hope you feel their strength and beauty in your home when you use your Cumulus Clay ceramics.

Cumulus Clay went FULL time in August, 2019 thanks to the amazing support of my family and collectors!  We hit some bumps early on with studio renovations and admin/insurance frustrations, not to mention the ups and downs of Covid-19 this spring, but one year later, I am very  much enjoying my new space, and finding my groove!   

I am so thankful that I have this creative outlet, and a receptive and appreciative audience to allow me to keep playing with clay.  Thank you for all your support along the way.